Checking Out The Slab Foundation Technique

Checking Out The Slab Foundation Technique

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Home foundations are very interesting, in my opinion. This is also true of the older techniques, specially when you still see them used today. Many of these classic techniques, whilst not as popular as when they first appeared, are still used by admirers with the older styles today. One foundation technique that matches that bill is slab foundation.

Which could sound like something that is slapped together, however it is not really. It is a simpler way to build a home because all it involves is laying out a layer of concrete in the ground. That’s actually it. Your perimeter is usually about 2 feet deep, having a shallow interior between 3 to 4 inches holding the whole lot up. Plastic may be wrapped around it to stop moisture accumulation.

Another appeal of this old foundation technique is its cost. It does not cost quite definitely to do. For many people, that is more than enough of a reason to use it compared to more modern and expensive techniques.

I like simplicity in design if this makes sense. And, I do believe this technique makes a great deal of sense. I also that way it is affordable, particularly with the amount of other expensive things that go into building a home.

slab foundation repair Austin TX

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